How to prepare kids for their adventure on the snow!

How to prepare kids for their adventure on the snow!

Ski school Adrenaline, which has 17 years of experience and you can find in Verbier, will give you some hints for “how to get ready” for your snow adventure.

Those tips are for all types of skiers, but especially for the smallest once, which are taking their first ski lessons at our ski school. All children are different and they adapt to skiing in their own time, but it is important as a parent that you do not rush them. The snow, the clothes, the ski boots and ski lifts all add to the excitement, but they do need some time to get used to. At our ski school we offer ski lessons for babies as young as 2 1/2-years-old. But you should always ensure that they are warmly dressed with correctly fitting equipment.

Don’t underestimate that it will be several degrees colder at the top of the mountain compared with the village.

Equipment Boots should be snug, fastened, and worn with one pair of socks to avoid rubbing. Ski bindings should be adjusted by a specialist shop.
Protection A helmet is essential, but it needs to fit well and be done up. For really cold days in Verbier, a thin balaclava should be worn under the helmet to ensure the face is kept warm. Goggles are great in poor visibility, and also prevent eyes becoming damaged by the strong UV rays. Do you want to avoid goggle tan? Don’t forget to put some sun screen on!
Onion layers Lots of layers is the best way to regulate the body temperature, avoid thick woollen jumpers, it’s better to wear a fleece which will not restrict the child’s movement. Footless tights or thermal underwear should be worn. Ski trousers fitted over ski boots stop snow getting into the boots. Make sure waterproof mittens are worn, which also cover part of the forearm so that no snow gets inside the gloves. A spare pair is also a good idea!
High collar better then scarfs Avoid scarfs, instead have a ski jacket with a wide, high collar.
Chocolate/snack When kids ski, they burn through their breakfast pretty fast so a little snack will be quite handy. Don’t forget a 5.- CHF coin for a hot chocolate duting the morning break with their ski instructor!

Fully kitted-out, your child will now be ready to join ski lessons with Adrenaline Verbier. Safety, fun and learning are fundamental for successful ski lessons. Grouped together according to age and ability, limiting the group number to six, every child will receive some individual attention.

After all, if your child is happy and looking forward to their skiing, you can relax on the slope knowing that they are taken care of.

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