1- Where is the ski school/Booking office?
You will find Adrenaline Ski School Verbier in Medran just across from the main lift station inside the ski rental shop called “Fellay Sport”, on Rue de Medran , 38.

2- Where are the lessons meeting points?

  • Children and Adults group lessons: meeting point is on the terrace of restaurant called “Relais des Neige” across the lift station and next door from Ski rental Shop Fellay Sport at Medran.
  • Private ski and Snowboard lessons: According to your level, your instructor will either be waiting for you under the large TV screen at médran lift station or at Savoleyres in front of the lift station or at les Esserts at the bottom of the slope reachable by bus n°2 stop Hameau, under the “Adrenaline Ski School” wood board.
    Your instructor can also meet you directly at your hotel or chalet, upon request.


1- How to book?
You can book online on our website: or by emailing us at: Our whole price range is not on our website, we suggest to contact us by phone on 0041 27 771 74 59. Our sales assistant will be happy to help you find the best solution for your ski, snowboard, telemark, snowshoeing and cross-country lessons.

2- When should I book?
The sooner, the better. This will secure your space in group lessons at your required time and dates during peak period. For private tuition, we suggest to book mid-autumn to insure the chosen instructor is available.

3- Insurance
Each customer must insure himself against the risks inherent in this type of sport such as ski, snowboard, telemark, cross-country skiing or snow-shoeing. Make sure you have adequate insurance cover or subscribe while you buy your ski pass at Téléverbier. This insurance offers refund on ski pass, lessons and equipment rental in case of illness, accident, or lifts closure.



1- How to dress my child?
We advise technical underwear (no cotton), a high pair of socks, a fleece jacket and the ski trousers and jacket.
Helmet is not mandatory, though we advise kids to wear one with a very thin hood when cold, glasses or goggles and a pair of mitten with straps.
Don’t forget sun cream, tissues and a 5chf coin for his snack to put in your child’s pocket. You can read our full blog articule here

2- Is equipment included in the lesson price?
Ski equipment is not included, but Adrenaline Ski School client benefit from 15% off when renting ski equipment at our partner shop Fellay Sport in Médran (providing proof of ski lessons payment).

3- Are helmet and ski poles mandatory?
Helmet is not mandatory though we strongly recommend to wear one.
Ski poles are mandatory from Silver crystal level. But the best is to ask your child ski instructor directly.


1- Can I cancel my booking?
You can cancel your booking 15 days prior to the lesson. In this case, Adrenaline Ski School will refund the whole amount except booking and banking fees.
If the cancellation happen less than 15 days prior the lesson, Adrenaline
Ski School will keep 50% of the whole amount plus booking and banking fees.
If the booking is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the lesson, the whole amount will be charged.

2- Can I ask for Reimbursement?
Only your private insurance, or the ski pass insurance offered to you when purchasing your ski pass might refund your ski lessons in case of accident or complete closure of all ski lifts. Bad weather does not entitle to any refund expect if this is the reason of lift closure.



1- Is ski pass included in the lesson price?
Ski pass is not included to any ski lessons prices. Each Adrenaline client must have a valid ski pass. Ski pass is free for children born after 01/01/2012, though they must hold a pass available at any lift cash register.

2- Which ski pass shall I buy for my child?

  • For children holding Mouse level or below, a “Les Esserts slope” ski pass is sufficient (You can buy it at the machine located at the bottom of the slope with credit/debit card only)
  • For children holding a Silver Crystal level or below, A Verbier ski pass will be needed.
  • For children above a Silver Crystal a 4 valleys ski pass will be required.


1- What is the difference between Private lesson and group lesson?

  • A private lesson means that you book an instructor for yourself, or with your friends or family, therefore one or several people can attend the lesson. The instructor will focus on each participant giving personal advice according to your abilities. Thanks to your private ski teacher, you will quickly progress to the next level. The more participant you are, the better is the price.
  • A group lesson means that you share a ski instructor with other people you might not know. The ski teacher will focus on the group and give exercise as a group. You will benefit from a nice group atmosphere. Our group lessons start from 2 participants and up to 6.

2- Which languages are spoken?
Most of our ski and snowboard instructor speaks French and English fluently. Some of them also speak Russian, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian or Dutch. Group lesson are taught in French and English. We might offer other languages depending on our instructor availability.

3- What is the minimum age to start ski lesson?
We offer ski group lesson to toddler aged from 2.5 y/o. Our baby Skieur program is fully adapted for the little ones and respects their pace with a daily 90 min lesson.

4- Do children get medals?
At the end of the week, each child is rewarded with a medal showing is progress.

5- What happen if a group lesson counts less than 2 participants?
If you are on your own into a group lesson, Adrenaline ski school reserve the right to cancel the lesson or find an alternative solution.

6- I am not sure about my child ski or snowboard level?
Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss this mater together and find the best group to enrol your child into. Plus a mini-test occur at the beginning of the week so the instructor can move around the group if needed.

7- I have several children, can they remain together?
We favour level to make sure groups are homogeneous. If your children have the same level we will do our best to have them together.

8- Can I choose my ski instructor?
Yes of course, for private lesson, we can choose your instructor according to his availability at the time requested. However, we cannot guarantee a specific instructor for group lessons.

9- To make sure your children enjoy their ski lesson at the most 
we ask parents not be present during the lesson and speak to the child. Please leave the instructor decide to make any relevant changes in the group.




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