Meet your favorite ski or snowboard instructor in Verbier.
Verbier ski or snowboard teachers, split board, cross country skiing, or telemark guide. A team of  friendly and experienced snow professionals.
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Nico Yoyo

"Chief of technics",
he is in charge of the Adrenaline ski instructors training.
Multi-tasker, he is
teaching ski, telemark
and cross-country skiing in French, English, Italian and Spanish
He is celebrating is
10 year anniversary
with Adrenaline ski school in Verbier


Our Americain
instructor has been
working for 9 year
with Adrenaline.
He trains budding instructors prepping
the NZSIA. He speaks English, French and Norwegian


As Professional Sports coach, Sebastien
will get you fit and
ready in no time with tailor-made trainning.
With Adrenaline for
12 years he is teaching ski, snowboard, snowshoeing and ski touring in French,
English Italian and German


Teaching ski all around
the world, he chose Adrenaline for
15 years now.
Manu will guide you
on and off pistes in ski and télémark. He also teaches snowshoeing
and speaks French and English fluently


After a few winter
season in Zermatt,
Swiss born and bred
Grégory is starting his second year in Verbier
with Adrenaline.
He teaches ski and snowboard in French, English and German


With Adrenaline for
3 winter seasons,
he is also training the future instructor
prepping the NZSIA
He is teaching ski and Snowboard

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Lanscaper in summer
and ski instructor in
winter, Yves has been working with
Adrenaline for
10 years. With him,
you will discover the
best spots of the 4 valleys. He speaks perfectly French, English and Spanish


With Adrenaline for
10 years Greg is a ski
and snowboard teacher.
He will bring you
to the best off-piste
Verbier has to offer.
He speaks French and English 


Our "Teens favorite!"
He is celebrating his
10 year anniversary
with Adrenaline ski
school in Verbier.
Freestyler and
freerider, Damien teaches ski and snowboard. He speaks French and English


He will escort you for
the best snowboard
off-pistes. Vassilis also practise télémark and
ski and teaches all
in Verbier for over 15 years with Adrenaline.
He speaks french, English, German and even Greek 


Ski and snowboard
teacher, Matthias is
also a base-ball coach. Originally from
Germany, he's been
living in Verbier for a while now. With Adrenaline for 8 years
he is teaching in French, English and German

Fabien H

Fabien teaches ski, snowboard and
He speaks French, English and Italian

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With Adrenaline for
3 years, he's been
teaching ski and snowboard.
On top of it he is a pro freestyle and speaks Russian, English and French


Originally from
Bulgaria, Ludmila
teaches ski and snowboard in French, English, German and Russian. She is been
part of the Adrenaline
ski school Verbier for
over 10 years


She loves teaching
little ones.
She willl be the perfect ski instructor for your children in Verbier.
From the UK, Ione is with Adrenaline for 3 years and teaches in French and English.


He teaches ski in
Englsih, French
and Dutch.
He is a toddler lover
and has been in Verbier
and with Adrenaline
for 3 years


Talented snowboarder, Joanna also teaches
ski in French,
English and Spanish


Italian and passionate
about ski, he practises
all year round
beteween Zermatt
and Verbier.
He's been with
Adrenaline for 4 years

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For a ski lesson or a snowboard course,
Jérémy masters
both sports.
Is free time is spent in
free ride park
Children and teens
love him. Jérémy's been teaching with
Adrenaline Verbier for 5 years and speaks French, English and Spanish


Previously ski teacher
at Club Med in the US, Ulrika teaches with Adrenaline for over 10 years.
Originally from Sweden, she also speaks French and English


Versatile sportsman
and Freestyler, Chuck teaches ski and snowboard in French, English, German and Dutch


Ski, snowboard,
free-style, free-ride, Jérémy spend all
his time on and off
He has been teaching
for 3 years with Adrenaline ski school and speaks French, English and Spanish


With Adrenaline Verbier for 2 years now, Grace teaches ski in English and French


Newbie at Adrenaline
ski school , Bastien teaches ski in French
and English. Verbier ski area has no secret for him

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François teaches ski, snowboard and snowshoeing in French, spanish and English


He is English and specialised in mogules
and freestyle.
He is curently doing
his 3rd season with Adrenaline


From Sweden, Frida
teaches ski with
Adrenaline for 2 years.
She also speaks English

Ulrike aka Uli

She is from Germany
and teaches ski with Adrenaline for many many years.
She speaks french,
English and German


From Italy, Vittorio
teaches ski with
Adrenaline for 5 years in French and in English
and of course in Italian


She has been teaching ski and snowboard in French, German, Dutsh and English

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New at Adrenaline, Hannah teaches ski
and snowboard in English


With Adrenaline for countless years, Patrick teaches ski in Italian,
French and English


Addicted to snowboard, Pierre also teaches ski in French and English


Adrenaline Director,
Claire teaches ski and snowboard in French, Italian, English and German as soon as
she s'got time off
of the office


Adrenaline Director,
Luca teaches ski, snowboard snowshoeing and ski touring in French, English, Italian

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