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Originally from South Africa, Nick begins his sixth season as an instructor and also his sixth at Adrenaline thanks to the NZSIA training. He teaches skiing.

Skiing or snowboarding?…and What are your other hobbies?
Mainly skiing and I do Scuba diving and surfing
What do you love most about teaching?
As a skiing instructor, it’s a great feeling being able to help someone achieve their skiing aspirations, whether starting out on a first adventure or heading into the big mountains. Being able to share my knowledge and passion for the mountains and skiing with other people is an amazing pleasure and privilege.
Which piste and/or off-piste do you like the most in Verbier?
My favourite piste has to be Fontanet, it’s a lovely flowing run and tends to be quiet, and for off-piste skiing, Mt Gele takes the top spot
Where are you and what do you do during the summer season?
In the summer I work as a Scuba instructor in South Africa and Australia
Which skis do you ride?
Atomic redsters as my on piste skis and Head Kore as my off-piste