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Tony has been a ski instructor for about 18 years and still love is job! He used to teach in in Val-d'Isère and Les Arcs in the French Alps. He came to Switerzland 3 years ago and teaches skis and snowboard at Adrenaline ever since.

What do you LOVE about teaching?
Social interaction has a very big place in my job and it’s one of my favourite aspects, being able to meet people from all over the world is absolutely amazing.
I also adore the natural side of my job; Being outside and admiring the outstanding mountain scenery every day is a blessing.
Which piste and/or off-piste do you like the most in Verbier?
My favourite slope has to be la Combe under  Mayentzet lift, I find it very interesting for good skiers, there are a lot of variations in terrain.
What do you do during the summer season and where are you based?
I live year-round in Val de Bagnes and during summer I work as an assembler-mechanic on the ski lifts of the resort.
Have you ever done any sporting competition?
I have been playing golf for 10 years, and I have played on the French federal circuit for 3 years with an index of 4.5
Also in skiing, I competed in FIS for about 5 years.
Is there any place you particularly like in Verbier?
Vinabagne and Fer à Cheval are nice places to have a drink in Verbier. Otherwise, the Ice cube on the slopes is a great place under the sun. I also recommend the restaurant Les Marmottes; the service and the dishes are perfect.
Which skis do you ride?
A pair of versatile ski for teaching and a pair of GS for carving, and I have a freestyle snowboard twin tip.