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Our mogul expert and freestyle champion!
Jake teaches both skiing and snowboarding and knows all the best tricks for both disciplines. He also enjoys going on a snowshoeing walk.
He has been part of the Adrenaline team since 2014. Jake is a native English speaker, but his French is getting better and better and he soon will be able to teach in this language.

What do you LOVE about teaching?
I love teaching skiing and snowboarding because it is a great passion of mine so I really have my heart into my job 100%
Which piste and/or off-piste do you like the most in Verbier?
my favorite piste I guess would be the snowpark because I love freestyle skiing, and favorite off-piste would have to be rocky garden or skiers right of Savoleyres
What do you do during the summer season and where are you?
I have been living year-round in Verbier for the past 3 years. I have done a lot of driving jobs in the summer around the resort of Verbier for individuals and hotels
What are your hobbies?
I love skateboarding, trampolining, and canyoning
Have you ever done any sporting competition?
I have competed in mogul skiing against surrounding resorts/schools. and some skateboarding competitions when I was younger.
Which skis do you ride for pistes? Off-piste?
For piste, I ride K2 POACHERS and Rossignol FIS SL HEROS and off-piste my favorite ski is the K2 Pinnacle (such a shame they stopped making it)