What is the difference between a group lesson and a private lesson?
  • A private lesson or private lesson means that you book a ski instructor for you or your loved ones.
    You can enjoy this monitor with your friends or family.
    It is common to organize a private lesson as a parent-child family, or between friends, or for a group of children of the same level or cousins.
    The price per person decreases the more there are of you.

  • You then benefit from personalized advice tailored to your needs.
    Thanks to your private ski instructor, your progress is optimal.

  • A group class means you share a teacher with other people you don't know.
    The teacher's attention is given to the whole class.
    You benefit from the group spirit and the friendly atmosphere.
    Our groups vary from 2 to 6 people max.
What languages ​​do the instructors speak?

Most Adrenaline instructors are bilingual French-English.

We also have teachers who speak Russian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian.

The group lessons are all offered in English and French.
A group lesson may be given in a language of your choice but only depending on availability.

From what age can children take a course?

We offer lessons for toddlers aged 3 and over.

Supervised by a professional, your little one will discover the magical world of skiing and snow.

From 2,5 years old it is possible to take a one-hour private lesson.

Is there a medal at the end of the course?

At the end of the week of group lessons, each child is rewarded with a medal attesting to their progress, as well as a certificate, valid in all ESIs in France and Switzerland (International Ski School).

What happens if there are less than 2 participants in the group class?

If you are alone in your group lesson, Adrénaline reserves the right to cancel the lesson or will offer you an alternative.

I'm not sure about my child's skiing or snowboarding level?

Do not hesitate to call us to define together which ESI level will be best suited to your child.

On site, a mini assessment test will be carried out at the start of the week and the teacher will change your child's group if necessary.

The goal is that each child has a class adapted to their age and abilities.

I have several children, can they be together?

If your children are at the same level, we will do our best to put them in the same group.

On the other hand, if they have different levels, they will have to be in separate classes in order to follow courses adapted to their respective level.

Can I choose my monitor?

Yes, of course, for private lessons you have the possibility to choose your instructor.
call us for the availability of your preferred instructor.

However, it is not possible to guarantee a certain teacher for group lessons for adults and children.

So that your children get the most out of their ski or snowboard lessons

The Adrénaline ski school asks parents to avoid attending the course and to question children during the lesson.

We thank you for leaving it to the instructors to decide on any possible change of class.

How to book your ski lessons or snowboard lessons?

You can book online directly on our website www.adrenaline-verbier.ch

For more availability and all your questions, do not hesitate to contact us by telephone at 0041 771 7459 or email info@adrenaline-verbier.ch.

Our secretaries will be delighted to help you find the best solution for your ski lessons, private lessons, freeride, freestyle, or even telemark outings, snowshoe rides, cross-country skiing.

When should you book?

As early as possible, this will guarantee you a place in children's or adults' ski groups and snowboard group lessons, particularly during school holidays.

For private lessons, a reservation in the fall will ensure you choose the ski teacher or snowboard instructor you want.


Each customer must insure themselves against the risks inherent in sporting activities such as skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, telemark or cross-country skiing.

Please check if you have insurance or subscribe to it when purchasing your ski pass from Télé-Verbier.

In the event of illness, accident, or closure of the ski lifts, this insurance offers reimbursement of the ski pass, equipment rental, children's group ski lessons, adult ski groups and ski lessons. and private snowboarding for children, teenagers or adults.

Is the material included in the price?

You benefit from a 15% discount on equipment rental from our partner back side located 100m “30 seconds on foot” from Médran.

*The price of materials is not included in the course price

How do I equip my child?

A whole ski suit or 2 separate pieces. The 2 pieces are more practical for going to the toilet.

  • Choose fleeces over wool sweaters.
  • Wear high socks but not too thick.
  • Avoid large creases in shoes by overlapping tights and socks too much.

We recommend technical underwear and sweaters. Avoid cotton.

In case of bad weather, a cotton or fleece neck gaiter is essential to protect the face.
Definitely no scarf. Wearing a ski helmet is strongly recommended, with an ultra-thin hood underneath in case of extreme cold.

When it's hot, you can wear sunglasses.
But the best with the helmet is a ski mask, orange or yellow for fog and dark for good weather. Mittens are better suited for toddlers and are easier to put on. The higher they go, the better, because the snow won't get in if it falls.

For ski lessons for teenagers, children, toddlers and snow gardens, put a tube of sunscreen, tissues and a 5.-chf coin in your child's pocket for a snack.

You can also read our gear blog post here.

Are helmets or poles obligatory?
  • Helmet is not obligatory but strongly recommended.
  • Staves are essential from the Silver Crystal level.
  • Below this level they are not recommended especially for small children.
Is the package included in the course price?

No, each participant must have a ski lift pass.

The pass is free for children aged 6 and under, however, you must still collect the subscription from the ski lift ticket offices with the child's ID.

What package should I take for my child?
  • For completely beginner children/adults, a Beginner Sector ski pass is sufficient (possibility of purchasing this ski pass directly at the terminal on the Esserts slope by credit card).

  • For children with a level lower than or equal to Silver level, a Verbier ski pass is sufficient.

  • For children with a GOLD level and above, a 4 valleys ski pass is recommended.

  • For more information on skipasses, visit the website  Téléverbier
In Verbier where is the Adrénaline ski and snowboard school located?

You will find the Verbier Adrenaline Ski School 100m “30 seconds walk” from Médran, in the store back side at 191b rue de Ransou, 1936 Verbier.

Where are the meeting places for ski and snowboard lessons?
  • The meeting point for group lessons from all Verbier ski schools is located at the top of the Esserts piste, at hole no. 17 on the golf course.

You will get there with all free buses indicating number 17.
The journey takes approximately 5 minutes from Medran.
Please note: There is no parking on site.

  • The meeting point for private ski and snowboard lessons is generally in Médran.

Your teacher will be waiting for you at the bottom of the gondola in front of the giant screen.
If you are a beginner: your instructor will meet you at the beginners’ slope, at the “Les Esserts” bus stop.
To get there, take bus No. 2 towards “Le Hameau”.

  • On simple request, your instructor can also pick you up from your chalet or hotel.
Can a reservation be canceled?

Any reservation can be canceled or modified free of charge no later than 7 days before the start of the course (additional administration fees).

For any modification or cancellation during the week preceding the course, but a maximum of 48 hours before the course, the client must pay 50% of the amount due.

For any modification or cancellation within 48 hours preceding the course, the client must pay 100% of the amount due.

Lessons take place in all weathers.

Weather conditions are not a cause for cancellation or postponement if the ski lifts are operating.

Am I eligible for a refund?

Only your private insurance or taking out insurance when purchasing your pass will allow you to obtain a refund in the event of an accident or total closure of the ski lifts.