Our mogul and freestyle champion, Jake teaches skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing in English. He has been part of the Adrenaline team since 2014 and improves his French every year to soon be able to teach in our language.

What do you like about your job?
I love teaching skiing and snowboarding, it's my passion! Being able to combine my passion with my professional life allows me to have my heart in my work 100%.
It's always a pleasure to introduce someone else to something you love, so if my customers smile and ask for more, I've succeeded in my mission!

Your favorite track in Verbier?
I would say the snowpark because I do a lot of freestyle, especially skiing.
As for off-piste, Rocky Garden or the paths to the right of Savoleyres are my favorites

What do you do and where are you during the summer?
For 3 years, I have lived in Verbier all year round and in the summer I am a driver for hotels or individuals.

Rather ski or snowboard?…what are your other passions
Difficult to choose…but I would rather say skiing, I am more versatile with two tips.
I have also been practicing skateboarding for a long time, trampolining and canyoning.

Have you ever done sport competitively?
I competed in mogul skiing for a long time against surrounding resorts or schools, like Boss des Bosses for example.
I also did a few skate competitions when I was younger.

What are you riding?
For the track I have K2 POACHERS and Rossignol FIS SL HEROS. For freeride I loved the K2 Pinnacle, the best skis for me! Too bad they don't make them anymore.