Francis has been teaching skiing and snowboarding for 12 years and joined the Adrenaline Ski School in December 2019.
He speaks French and English.

Passionate about his job, he impatiently awaits the return of the winter season to share the many pleasures that the mountains offer!

What do you like about teaching?
Winter is of course the season that I look forward to the most, finding the white and silent places, showing them to my clients while looking for suitable terrain for skiing in complete safety, whether they are beginners or experienced skiers. I like to look for new slopes, fresh snow, or simply the right slope for those I accompany, depending on their level, weather or snow conditions.

Why do you like Verbier?
Verbier is an exceptional resort for what I love most, namely off-piste, but also for the variety of its slopes, its panoramas and its village.

Which piste and/or off-piste do you prefer in Verbier?
In my opinion, the Mont Gelé area is the perfect place in Verbier, Switzerland.

Where are you and what are you doing during the summer season?
During the summer I work as a treetop operator in Switzerland.

What are your hobbies?
During the winter I dedicate myself to skiing and snowboarding, but in the summer I like hiking and running in the mountains... mountain sports?

I look forward to meeting you for ski or snowboard lessons and sharing with you the many pleasures the mountain has to offer!!